Test Campaign. Testing the Site and it’s capabilities.

In this campaign, a party of Adventurers will be contracted to help with an NPC on a quest to destroy the 10 Dragon Orbs, Orbs that contain the soul of an Ancient Dragon of each sub-type which grant dominance to the Orb bearer over that sub-type, as well as other bonuses.

However, to reach the main campaign, a series of mini-campaigns, each one to two sessions long will be run, to bring players that are below a certain level up to speed, as well as helping aquire items, levels, and money for the party to help them on their main quest. The NPC who has hired the party will attend all the events with them, but will never help with situations the party has the capability to deal with on their own. All the while, the NPC will be testing and evalutating the party’s capabilities. Should they be found unsuitable, or judged unable to help the NPC, the NPC will pay them for their time and leave them.

Should the party prove unsuitable while on a mini-mission, and should they screw up to the point of death, the NPC will not help them. Should they be found of suitable temperament and attitude to the mission and such misfortune befall them, the NPC may, or may not depending on situation and GM discretion, intervene on their behalf.

The NPC is a guide, not a problem solver, nor a combatatant in any fight the party should find themselves in. The NPC will provide information, and transportation as necessary, as well as aid at times during the main campaign. However, the NPC is not responsible for any decisions made, the path taken, and end result of this campaign, is up to the party’s decision, no one else’s.

Dragon Orbs